TOLOnews 20 December 2012
Tuesday 30 September 2014

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On an official trip to Sri Lanka, Afghan Foreign Minister Zalmai Rasool stated Thursday that Afghan forces will not be fully prepared to confront possible treats after the international forces withdraw from the country.

He said that fighting the insurgency will not end by 2014 and Afghanistan will need continued support from international troops.

A spokesman for the National Coalition said that "adjustment" of the Afghan Constitution is expected to be the main focus of the Paris peace talks, whose organizers have been tight-lipped about details of its agenda.

"The main point of discussions is the adjustment of the Constitution and the election law, in addition to the prepared agenda that includes Afghanistan's ties with Pakistan and the country's security situation after 2014," National Coalition Spokesman Fazlurahman Orya said.

The Afghan government should make "serious attempts" to fight corruption, German President Joachim Gauck said at a press conference in Mazar-e-Sharif, where he was visiting German troops.

"It is necessary to eradicate corruption from Afghanistan. Donor countries expect Afghanistan to decrease government corruption. The Afghan government should make serious attempts to eradicate corruption," Gauck urged. 

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