TOLOnews 27 December 2012
Sunday 21 September 2014

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President Hamid Karzai is scheduled to visit the United States on 7 January to discuss issues related to the bilateral security agreement currently being negotiated by diplomats of the two countries.

Karzai and Obama are expected to discuss the sticking point issue of legal immunity for US forces after the Nato combat mission ends in 2014.

The Afghan policewomen who shot dead a US civilian adviser earlier this week was suffering from mental disorder, family members said Thursday.

The policewoman's children -- 16-year-old son Sayed Emanuddin and 13-year-old daughter Fatema -- expressed concerns about their lives without their mother and called for the government to release her.

Twelve children suffering from whooping cough died in a snow-bound district in the northeastern province of Badkhshan, the provincial governor spokesman said Thursday.

The childrens were between the ages of one and five, and the deaths took place in Shoorian village bordering Tajikistan, located in Nasi Darwaz district of the province, spokesman Abdulmaroof Rasekh told TOLOnews. He said local officials learned of the deaths last week.

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