TOLOnews 30 December 2012
Monday 15 September 2014

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Illegally armed figures play a prominent role in the increase of violence against women in Parwan province, a provincial women's affairs official said Saturday.


Speaking to TOLOnews, Shahjan Yazdanparast, head of the Parwan Women's Affairs Department, emphasized that Afghan security forces are often unable to detain the powerful armed men in the province. These men also often impede the proceedings of cases of violence against women.

Senators on Sunday criticized the government's foreign policy after reports surfaced that several Afghan citizens were badly beaten and their travel documents were ripped in Pakistan recently.

They criticized government inaction over the abuse and pointed to Pakistan's immediate closure of the Torkham border after several Pakistani truck drivers were reportedly abused near Kabul.

The government has finalized a plan for opening a Taliban liaison office in Qatar, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sunday, adding that talks with the government of Qatar over opening the office will begin soon.

"The plan for opening an office for the Taliban in Qatar has been finalised, and soon talks regarding the matter will start with the government of Qatar," said Janan Moosazai, spokesman of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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