TOLOnews 01 January 2013
Monday 22 September 2014

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The Afghan-US bilateral security agreement is vital for the future of Afghanistan and can help protect the country from insurgency and terrorism, Afghan Ministry of Interior (MoI) said Tuesday.

Speaking to TOLOnews, MoI spokesman Sediq Sediqi said that the pact would be effective in training and equipping the Afghan security forces and helping enhance security in the country.

Afghan lawmakers on Tuesday asked the government to reveal the names of those involved in land-grabbing and take necessary steps to prevent more cases of land-grabbing.

Land-grabbing is a major issue for the Afghan government as a large number of the high-ranking officials and lawmakers are involved in illegally or forcefully occupying land that otherwise belongs to the public.

A woman was killed and three children injured in cross-border Pakistani shelling in the Sarkano district of the eastern Kunar province Monday afternoon, local officials said.

Twelve rockets were launched yesterday afternoon, one of which hit a house, Provincial Governor Sayed Fazlullah Wahidi told TOLOnews.

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