TOLOnews 24 January 2013
Monday 15 September 2014

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Afghan political parties Thursday strongly rejected the decision of the Independent Election Commission (IEC) to use the old registration system for the 2014 presidential election, warning of a political crisis if the election is fraudulent.

Political groups said that the government's intervention in the IEC's work is a cause of serious concern.

"The government illegally intervened in the commission's affairs and the commission is not capable of working independently without government intervening, so it is a concern for us," National Coalition spokesman Sayed Aqa Fazil Sancharaki said Thursday, adding that the coalition will fight the decision.

Mahmood Karzai, President Hamid Karzai's brother, has renounced his US citizenship to take a more prominent role in Afghanistan's politics, he said in an interview with TOLOnews Thursday, stating that his plan is not to take the presidency.

"I gave back my American passport and renounced my citizenship. The reason is that I have been working in Afghanistan for 12 years now and hardly ever go to America. I am also quite old, and want to cohere and become more active in the politics of Afghanistan," he said.

When asked if he planned to run as a candidate in the upcoming 2014 presidential election, Mahmood answered: "I am not a candidate for the president, but I want to be very active in the politics of Afghanistan."

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