TOLOnews 27 January 2013
Tuesday 16 September 2014

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IEDs or suicide attacks kill an average of six to 10 policemen daily, according to the ministry or interior, which expressed worry over the number of deaths but said the police suffers only a minimal number of losses in face-to-face battles with insurgents.

"We are very distressed by the increase in casualties of the national police. Unfortunately, our police force suffers losses every day and are forced to struggle to defend their soil and face losses," said Seddiq Seddiqi, spokesperson of the ministry of interior affairs.

The third phase of the Kabul-Washington bilateral security agreement talks will open in Kabul in a few days, the ministry of foreign affairs said Sunday.

While negotiators will talk on the various aspects of the pact, the issue of legal immunity for US troops after 2014 will be decided in a loya jirga council, according to the ministry.

A number of high-ranking Taliban members have arrived in Doha to continue efforts to open a liaison office for the group, Qatari newspaper Gulf Times reported Sunday.

Afghan officials said they are working on opening the office for insurgent representatives to facilitate the peace process.

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