TOLOnews 31 January 2013
Monday 22 September 2014

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President Hamid Karzai has ordered the distribution of electronic identification cards to begin as scheduled in early February.

The Ministries of Interior, Finance, Communication and Information Technology, and the Office of the Administrative Affairs are all involved in getting the process underway, while the order also entails security organisations to ensure all security considerations are in place.

Asian Development Bank said it will provide more than US$300 million to fund projects in Afghanistan in 2013, indicating the funds will be spent in three main areas.

The three most prominent projects for the ADB are to import electricity from Turkmenistan to three southern provinces, to construct a number of average dams on rivers in Bamiyan and Badakhshan and reconstructing irrigation systems, and providing investment opportunities for the country's mines.

The son of a Herat businessman has been killed by his captors 35 days after he was kidnapped and held for ransom, local officials said Thursday.

The father of the boy said the kidnappers had initially asked him to pay US$400,000 for his son's release. This was negotiated down to US$90,000, which he paid, but the boy was still killed and buried - probably in order to protect their identities, the father told TOLOnews.

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