TOLOnews 03 February 2013
Tuesday 30 September 2014

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The special court on the Kabul Bank crisis will deliver its verdict at a public hearing next week, the head of the court said Sunday.

The final verdict will ultimately be delivered by the Supreme Court at a later date.

No group apart from the government of Afghanistan and its appointed High Peace Council is competent for negotiations directly with the Taliban, Afghanistan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said Sunday, explaining that it alone will do so while maintaining the country's and the people's best interests.

"No one except the government and the High Peace Council has the competency for direct talks to the Taliban. And the government will talk to the Taliban considering all the preconditions especially the protection of these eleven years of achievements, and supporting people's rights, especially the rights of women and children," MOFA spokesman Janan Mosazai said.

President Hamid Karzai telephoned the father of a boy killed last Thursday by kidnappers to reassure him that justice will be done.

The father told TOLOnews on Sunday that Karzai called him to offer his condolences and told him the "judiciary organisations will sentence them to be punished."


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