KANKASH: Govt's Opposing Views on Foreign Electoral Commissioners
Saturday 20 September 2014

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Parliamentarians have lashed out the Upper House decision to reject two foreign commissioners on the board of the Electoral Complaints Commission (ECC) warning that the 2014 presidential election has a higher risk of fraud.

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As the Senate decision was welcomed by the Independent Election Commission (IEC), lawmakers scoffed at the notion that the presence of the two foreigners at the ECC violates national sovereignty.

Parliament in October approved the new election law which allowed for two foreign commissioners at the ECC, but President Hamid Karzai has repeatedly opposed the foreign commissioners as an affront to Afghanistan's self-government.

The Senate last week rejected the election law clause allowing for foreign commissioners, but approved the law's remaining 35 articles.

What is there a different view among the Lower House and the Upper House?

Is the presence of two foreign commissioners a violation of the sovereignty of transparent elections?

In this episode of Kankash, host Omid Farooq discusses this with the following guests:

• Naqibullah Fayeq, a member of Parliament

• Azizullah Ulfati, second deputy of Senate House

• Jandad Spinghar, Executive Director of the FEFA

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