Kankash: Afghanistan’s Draft Election Law
Tuesday 23 September 2014

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After several long months of delays, the draft election law was approved by the Council of Ministers 18 days ago. It will be sent for approval to parliament within a week.

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The draft abolishes the Electoral Complaints Commission and transfers its duties to the Supreme Court.

These and other amendments in the draft law have elicited objections from political parties and civil society.

The parliament not only supports the continued existence of the Electoral Complaints Commission, but also supports retaining the two foreigners on its seven-person panel.

A civil society network has prepared a proposed package of recommendations for the election law.

In this edition of Kankash, host Omid Farooqi will discuss the issue with the following guests:

Saeed Niazi, director of the Civil Society Development Center

Humaira Haqmal, director of the Afghan Sisters Movement

Abdul Khaliq Zazai, member of the Accessibility Organization for the Afghan Disabled

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