Wardak Woman Recovers From Suicide Attempt

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A woman from central Maidan Wardak province who tried to kill herself on Monday after her husband died in an insurgent attack is in a stable condition, local officials said.

The 22-year-old, who lives in Wardak's Jaghato district, drank acid after hearing that her husband Joma Gul and mother-in-law were killed in Saturday's alleged suicide bombing in eastern Ghazni province.

Head of Ghazni provincial hospital Dr Baz Mohammad Hemat said that Gul Ghotai has recovered after relatives brought her for treatment to the hospital.

"She is in good health now," Dr Hemat added.

Gul Ghotai's brother Mohammad Azim told TOLOnews that Joma Gul had taken his mother to Ghazni for medical treatment when they were struck by the bomb blast.

The Ghazni attack happened in the Qala-e Sabz area of Ghazni city at about 1:00pm when a bomb on a bicycle detonated near an Afghan police outpost killing a policeman and two civilians. Some officials said the bicycle was being driven by a suicide bomber.

Thirteen others including three policemen were injured in the attack.

Mohammad Azim criticized the provincial security officials in Ghazni province after hearing that his brother-in-law did not immediately receive treatment.

"Firstly Joma Ghul was injured in the attack but the security forces thought he was a suicide bomber and did not take him immediately to hospital, so because of his several injuries he died," he told TOLOnews.

Gul Ghotai's mother said that her daughter married Joma Ghul three months ago and is fearful for her future.

Hundreds of Afghan women have lost family members in numerous incidents such as Saturday's bomb attack that happen everyday across the country.

As Afghan forces increasingly take over security responsibility from Nato, Afghan troop casualties have more than doubled since last year, according to statistics from the Pentagon.

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