TOLOnews 30 January 2013

ویدیو - خبر های شبانه

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National Coalition leader Abdullah Abdullah Wednesday claimed that the government is attempting to control Afghanistan's Independent Election Commission (IEC), pointing to the recent pressure it has brought to bear on the commission's decisions.

Following government demands, the senate did not approve an IEC-recommended and parliament-backed structure of having foreign observers on the board of the Electoral Complaints Commission which oversees the election ballot.

US Senate has confirmed John Kerry as the new Secretary of State to replace Hillary Clinton in the country's top diplomatic post.

President Barack Obama's nomination for Kerry passed easily through the US Senate on Tuesday, with his fellow senators voting overwhelmingly to confirm him as Clinton's replacement. 

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آیا توافق میان دو نامزد ریاست جمهوری مشکلات را برای اعلام نتایج نهایی حل خواهد کرد؟