Prisoners Killed in Shooting at Ghazni Jail

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At least two prisoners have been killed and 10 more injured at Ghazni's central jail after police guards fired on prisoners to quell a spontaneous protest, local officials said.

The injured have been taken for treatment to a nearby hospital, according to officials.

The protest began Tuesday morning when police started collecting prisoners' teapots after a visitor to the prison brought in a suspicious-looking teapot, provincial deputy governor Mohammad Ali Ahmadi told TOLOnews.

Several prisoners reacted to the teapot confiscations by yelling and throwing rocks at the police guards who fired shots to stop the protest.

"The police started collecting all the teapots. The prisoners started protesting and clashed with the police," Ahmadi said.

"The police fired on the prisoners to quell the protest. One of the prisoners died instantly and the second died in the central hospital of Ghazni," he added.

The security officials told TOLOnews that initial investigations revealed there were drugs in the suspect teapot and the man who brought it in has been arrested.

There are around 400 prisoners at the jail which is not yet under full control of the police, according to Ahmadi.

Most of the Taliban prisoners inside have access to mobile phones and the internet, Ahmadi said.


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